Last updated on 11/22/2023

Privacy Policy

This privacy statement details the private data that Technupur collects from you and how it is used.

Who We Are?

We are Technupur, a US based renowned digital development company, creating cutting-edge technological solutions that improve individual lives across the world. We offer software development consulting services for businesses, startups, and enterprises. With that, we specialize in developing innovative solutions and providing world-class engineering teams to help leading tech innovators in building successful software.

The website you are currently on is a digital representation of our company and is where you are currently reading this document. We sincerely hope that your experience on our website will be excellent. We also hope that you will find the materials interesting, that any questions you may have will be promptly answered, and that the website will continue to function without interruption, leaving you unintimidated. Without your generous help, which you provide by providing us with your personal information, this would not be feasible. However, we take your privacy very seriously and recognize that personal data is a very sensitive matter. To prevent causing you any discomfort in this regard, we have created this comprehensive privacy policy that addresses every single detail.

What Kind of Personal Data Do We Collect?

Technupur gathers data so that we can give you honest feedback about our services. Some of this information is provided by you directly, for example, when you complete the Contact Us form for support or feedback on our articles. We obtain certain information from programs that are running on your device, as well as using technologies like cookies and error reports.

Additionally, we get data from outside sources. We safeguard information that we acquire from third parties in accordance with the guidelines outlined in this statement as well as any extra limitations put in place by the information's original source. As of right now, these outside sources could change over time, but consist of Service providers that help us determine a location based on your IP address to customize certain products to your location.

You have options regarding the information we gather. You have the option to refuse to be asked for personal information. However, you might not be able to utilize this service, feature, or receive feedback if you decide not to submit the data that is required to deliver it.

The information we gather may consist of the following:
  1. Name and contact information.
  2. Demographic information
  3. Website information. As an illustration, we gather:
    • Visitor behavior patterns: Information about the sections of the website that you visit and how long you spend there, or specifics about.
    • Configuration data: We collect data about the network you use to connect to our website. It includes your IP address.
    • Performance information and error reports: We gather information about issues you have with our services. We can diagnose issues and offer solutions thanks to this data.
    • Data for Troubleshooting: Should Technupur be called upon to provide troubleshooting and assistance, we will gather information about you, your hardware, software, the state of the computer and the application at the time of the fault and during diagnostics, as well as registry and system data regarding hardware configurations and software installations.

Note: Please be advised that the description section of Contact Us form may contain personal information you provide that we do not need, such as your payment information. Apart from keeping it on our backup server, we won't do anything with this information. Please don't provide us with any personal information that we haven't specifically asked for.

COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

We do not intentionally gather information about children under the age of 13 years old, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) puts parents in control or private individuals from our website, nor is it meant for them. In addition to reviewing, editing, or requesting the deletion of their children's personal data, parents can withdraw their prior consent choices. The Federal Trade Commission, United States' consumer protection agency, enforces the COPPA Rule, which spells out what operators of websites and online services must do to protect children's privacy and safety online. We might also get personal information from publicly accessible sources or from third parties who have your permission to provide it to us.

Why Do We Collect Personal Data?

Technupur collects information for sending messages, including marketing messages; advertising; analyzing website traffic data; resolving technical issues with websites; and enhancing user experience on websites.

To fulfil these goals, we plan to notify you of matters that you have requested information from us like get in touch with you in the event that we require further information or ensure the accuracy of our records and periodically inquire as to your satisfaction. We don't exchange or rent email addresses with other companies or organizations.

To Whom Do We Share Your Personal Data?

Our development team will receive your information and handle your request. Our development team is not permitted to use personal data it receives from us for any purposes other than those listed above, and it is required to adhere to our data privacy and security policies.

We are still accountable if agents of third parties handle personal data on our behalf in a way that deviates from the guidelines outlined here, unless we can demonstrate that the circumstance leading to the harm was not our fault.

What Are Your Rights?

You have the right to access, update, or remove any personal data we may have about you:
  • At any point, you have the right to inquire about what personal information we may have about you and to whom it may be disclosed.
  • For no additional cost, you may request that any outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete personal information we may have about you be updated and corrected.
  • You have the option to stop receiving any marketing correspondence from us. Required service communications are not subject to this option.
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time for the processing of your personal data.

You can ask here ( ) to have your personal data updated or deleted. We will respond to requests to access or delete your personal data within 03 working days.

Cookies & Similar Technologies

Technupur uses comparable technologies, such as cookies, to help collect data and to deliver our online services. A cookie's text can hold additional information in addition to the unique computer identification string made up of letters and numbers.

We employ similar technologies, such as cookies, for a few reasons, including security i.e., Preserving data you enter on a website, identifying fraud and misuse of our services and website, in order to remember the information, you have added, we save the data you provide in a cookie.

Our typical use of cookies is primarily for website analytics collection.

How Can You Control Cookies?

You may usually switch off cookies in your browser.

Alert to End Users!

The policies of your organization, if any, may apply to how you use Technupur’ s website. If your organization oversees managing your access to Technupur’ s website, please contact your administrator with any privacy-related questions.

Technupur disclaims all liability for our customers' security and privacy policies, which may deviate from this privacy statement. When you use an email address that is provided by a company, school, or other affiliation, the owner of the domain (your employer, for example) that is linked to your email address has access to and processing authority over all your personal information, including files and correspondence.

Our Data Security Regulations

To protect against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of your personal data, we employ a range of security technologies and protocols. For instance, we keep your personal information on computer systems in secure locations with restricted access.

How Long Will the Data Will Be Saved?

Technupur keeps personal information on file for as long as is required to deliver the services and feedback you have requested, as well as for other vital needs like meeting legal requirements and upholding agreements. The actual retention periods may differ because these requirements can change depending on the type of data. The following criteria are applied to determine the retention periods:

  • Is this type of personal data sensitive? If so, a reduced retention period of up to five years would normally be appropriate.
  • Is Technupur required to keep the data by law, contract, or another means? Examples include government orders to preserve information relevant to an investigation, laws requiring mandatory data retention in the relevant jurisdiction, and information required to be kept for legal purposes.

How Often We Update this Privacy Policy?

When necessary, we will update this privacy statement to reflect customer feedback or change its terms. The "last updated" date at the top of the statement will be updated when we post updates. If the statement undergoes significant modifications, you will be informed by means of either a direct notification to your email address or a notice that is prominently posted before the changes take effect.

How to Contact Us

If you have a privacy concern, complaint, or question to Data Protection Officer, please email us at We will respond within 03 working days.