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Microsoft Sharepoint

Considering a workplace where your team can easily collaborate to exchange ideas, documents, and knowledge in real-time, or workflow automation that eliminates manual work and allows your employees to focus on key projects? Microsoft SharePoint, a leading industry platform, is a winning solution toward achieving these goals.

A robust collaborative platform developed by Microsoft integrates with MS Office and other business applications like Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate to serve as an organized center of communication, document management, workflow automation, and business intelligence. Its cloud-based nature facilitates their efforts to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and drive productivity, making it a more valuable tool for organizations of all sizes. It offers accessibility, scalability, security, and automatic updates, relieving them of the burden of managing the underlying infrastructure.

Enhanced Collaboration

  • Centralized platform for team collaboration
  • Shared document libraries for easy file access
  • Co-authoring capabilities to simultaneously edit documents
  • Discussion boards and social features for communication and idea sharing

Efficient Document Management

  • Central repository for storing and organizing documents
  • Version control to track document changes and revisions
  • Metadata and tagging for efficient search and retrieval
  • Integration with Microsoft Office for systematic management

Seamless Workflow Automation

  • Built-in workflows for automating business processes
  • Customizable workflows to streamline specific tasks
  • Automated notifications and alerts for task assignments
  • Integration with Power Automate for advanced workflow automation

Empower Business Intelligence

  • Integration with Power BI for data visualization and analytics
  • Dashboards and reports to gain insights from SharePoint data
  • Data connections to external systems for comprehensive analysis
  • SharePoint lists for capturing and analyzing structured data
Technupur and Sharepoint
Official Microsoft Partner
Being an official Microsoft partner, we have direct access to the latest updates, resources, and expertise related to SharePoint, enabling us to stay at the forefront of SharePoint technology.

Extensive Sharepoint Experience

We bring an in-depth understanding of the platform's capabilities and extensive experience to the table. With years of dedicated focus on SharePoint solutions, we have successfully completed numerous SharePoint projects, assisting businesses across industries to tackle their diverse business challenges.

Continue Support And Training

Our commitment to clients extends beyond the initial implementation of SharePoint solutions. We provide prompt and personalized support to counter new challenges and require assistance in optimizing SharePoint environments to make the most of SharePoint's capabilities.

Bespoke Services

Technupur provides a range of SharePoint services to help organizations create and implement a centralized, multi-functional ecosystem, enabling them to leverage business processes with automation. From consultation to development and continued support, we cover it all.

Sharepoint Consultation

"Strategic recommendations to assist in making informed decisions, ensuring a successful SharePoint journey"

We assess business requirements to develop a comprehensive roadmap and provide recommendations regarding SharePoint implementation, customization, and optimization.

Sharepoint Development

"Tailored and cost-effective SharePoint solutions to improve process structure"

We make use of SharePoint's robust functions to develop custom web parts, workflows, forms, and applications that enhance productivity, streamline processes, and drive collaboration within your organization.

Sharepoint Migration & Upgradation

"Third-party migration to SharePoint and upgrade to a newer version for enhanced productivity"

We handle data transfer and content mapping with minimal downtime, ensuring a smooth transition from previous versions to the latest SharePoint environment.

Sharepoint Integration

"A fully-fledged collaborative environment that ensures interoperability"

We integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office and other business applications or systems, including CRM, ERP, document management, and more, to enable seamless data exchange and workflow automation.

Sharepoint Health Check

"SharePoint's performance analysis to ensure a stable platform."

We conduct intensive assessments, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations to optimize the performance, security, governance, and compliance of SharePoint.

Sharepoint Support

"Smooth the reliable functioning of the SharePoint solution"

We offer ongoing technical assistance and issue resolution. Our SharePoint experts are available to address your queries, troubleshoot technical issues, and ensure the smooth operation of your SharePoint environment.

Sharepoint Training

"The knowledge and expertise employees require to maximize productivity within the organization"

This emphasizes best practices for efficient usage and collaboration to understand how to structure content, leverage metadata, implement effective search strategies, and promote user adoption within your organization.

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